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Death Snow Onibot

2PetalRose x Czee13

Clutter is excited to present the newest member of the CANZ family: Death Snow Onibot by 2PetalRose! This dark warrior is the third installment to the popular Onibot lineage!

Meet the brand new Death Snow Onibot by 2PetalRose x Czee13! This secretive samurai Onibot sticks to the shadows as he creeps through the streets of the concrete jungle.

The 5oz (5.5″ tall) Onibot, complete with trademark rattle, kabuto, and geta, is the fantastic counterpart to the 2PetalRose Exclusive Camo Onibot & OG Red Onibot, pairing a new, unique look with a classic design.

The Death Snow Onibot now takes center stage – the latest creation by the exceptionally talented artist, 2PetalRose.

Limited to 200 pieces worldwide and priced at $115.
Figure releases on Friday 09/16 at 11am (EST) on!

** In Stock and Available now **
shipping begins in the next two weeks
(due to covid outbreak backlog)

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