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Take Me To Your Dealer! Alien OG Edition – 5oz Nuggbot!

Take Me To Your Dealer! Nuggbot, is the newest member of the CANZ family, a literal pothead, sprouting some herbal majesty straight from the cranium. With a brand new head sculpt, this trippy Canbot collaboration with Czee13 will leave you in a proverbial purple haze. 5oz Size (5.5″ tall) and limited to only 150 pieces. Complete with […]

Strawberry Cough TRADING CARD + FREE NFT!

Grow an addiction to our exclusive Nugglife Trading Cards, featuring his favorite strains of Sativa and Indica in his trademark Mini-Nug style of art! Ready your binder for this strawberry scented Strawberry Cough Card, the premier Trading Card available from this intoxicating series of just 500 cards available worldwide. With the purWith the purchase of […]

[Not] WhiteChoc Bunnybot by Czee13!

[Not] WhiteChoc Bunnybot by Czee13!

Make your collection even sweeter with the 2022 Bunnybot, special Easter release! The creator of the CANZ universe, Czee13,  has created an amazing follow-up to last year’s [Not] Milk Choco Bunnybot with this eggcellent [Not] WhiteChoc Bunnybot! Produced in sold-cast resin, and limited to just 20 pieces, this will be the most delicious-looking piece in your collection. Standing at […]

The DONDI Blackbook Burner Box: Print Set #1

Clutter is excited to once again have teamed up with the Dondi White Estate, to bring you the chance to own an amazing part of DONDI history! The Blackbook Burner Box comes with 4 prints based on select original DONDI White black book drawings. These prints are a limited edition set of 129 pieces worldwide, […]

Artist Showcase: April’s Custom 5″ Dunny Micro Release by Little Lazies!

Clutter is proud to bring you a brand new volume in our Artist Showcase Series – featuring limited micro-runs of 5″ custom Dunny’s! Throughout the year, Clutter will be working with top toy customizers to bring you monthly micro-run drops. These limited, one-of-a-kind pieces are a unique chance to pick up a little something different […]

Clutter Gallery Presents; [IN]Action Figures 10!

Clutter is excited to bring you the best in resin and bootleg artists to present an iconic show of epic proportions!  [IN]ACTION FIGURES YEAR 10!! Opening Reception April 9th, 6pm. Buckle up, because it’s time to get down to business! We are extremely excited to bring you our 10th annual bootleg toy group show, [In]Action […]

Clutter Gallery presents; Vincent Scala.

Dog Day Afternoon!New Works by Vincent Scala! Opening Reception April 9th, 6pm. Clutter Gallery is proud to present A Dog Day Afternoon! A solo show by Vincent Scala. Bringing you toys and illustrations straight from his twisted mind, make sure you stop by and see this amazing collection of art!

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