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Clutter Gallery. Beacon | NY

Clutter Live! Ep 9 – KLAV!

In this episode, Clutter and Czee are joined by the founding and only member of Creeping Death Robot Club, the master of weathered paint schemes, and all-around punk hockey player, KLAV!

Hailing from Connecticut USA, Klav (Kevin Derken) is a painter, sculptor, and toy customizer, who started in 2017 and has paved the way for his worldwide recognition. Specializing in hand-painted techniques learned from his background in 1980’s Japanese science fiction modeling, we will talk galleries, customs, hockey, and more, so don’t miss out!

Clutter Live! is a weekly live stream hosted by Clutter Magazine. Each week, the magazine’s founders take the pulse on the designer toy scene, curating down-to-earth, often comical conversations with some of the biggest artists and movers-and-shakers in the industry.

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