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Clutter Live! Ep 10 – Peter Van Flores!

Come and kick it with us TONIGHT 6 pm (est), on Oct 20th, as we get stylish with the master of wheat paste and image manipulation, Peter Van Flores! 

In this episode, Clutter and Czee are joined by Peter Van Flores (, a Mural artist based out of the Bay Area/Tri-Valley California. With influences from vintage newsprint, graffiti, wheatpaste, and other forms of street art and typography, Peter’s work is iconic!

Originating from NYC, we will discuss which coast is the best coast, art influences, music, life, fashion, running a gallery, and more! 

Also,  joining us for this week’s Toy Tank Critique will be the one and only Prime (! So don’t miss out, and get involved! 

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