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Clutter Gallery. Beacon | NY

Skully Custom Show!

To celebrate the release of Cherry Moth Cake’s brand new vinyl figure, Skully, Clutter gathered an amazing group of top painters and customizers to showcase the wonderful ethereal nature of this decapitated ghoul.

Join us on Feb 12th, at Clutter Gallery in Beacon, NY, as we open the gates of hell and release these figures to the world!

Artist Include:

Cat Atomic • Cherry Moth Cake • Czee13 • Evil Dave • Griz Biz Niz • Guumon • Jeremi Rimel • Klav • Magitarius • Max Nagata • Mark Nagata (Max Toy Co) • Motley Miscreations • Mumbot • Mus Musculus • Peelander-Yellow • Peet Sketches • Rampage Toys • Rob Israel • Squibbles Ink • Trevvy Metal • Uhh, Sure • Videovomit!

The opening reception will be free to the public and take place on Feb 12th (as part of Beacon’s Second Saturday art walk) and all pieces will remain on display until March 4th, 2022.

On opening night we will be allowing 10 people at a time into the gallery to see the show! If you do not have a mask you will not be allowed in so please plan accordingly!

Also, please observe social distancing both inside and outside the galley so we can keep sharing art with you. Please check our Instagram account @clutttermagazine for the latest information, in case things change in this ever-fluctuating situation.

Sales will be offered first to our Preview list subscribers.

To sign up for the list please follow this link.
An email will be sent out at 12 (noon) est, with a link to preview, Sales begin at 2 pm (est).

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