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Clutter x Chris RWK – Robots Will Kill 7.5″ Figure!

Clutter is super excited to bring you a brand new figure release in collaboration with renowned street artist Chris RWK –  Robots Will Kill!

Bringing this iconic Robot figure to life in 3Dimensions has been in the works for a few years, so you might have seen some sneak peeks along the way!


When working on such a well-known character, we wanted to ensure we got it as close to the 2d images as we could!

To keep the look of the skinny arms and legs, we opted to produce this figure in ABS injection molded plastic. This hard plastic will not bend over time like softer vinyl options and keeps the feel of robot fingers and antenna.


Produced in two-figure designs!

Robots Will Kill OG – arms down, & Robots Will Kill with sign!! 

We initially created the figure with the idea of making the arms interchangeable, but after designing both, we didn’t want to add a possible point of failure or breaking – so we opted for two independent figures! We felt like this icon of street art was too important not to create both, showcasing both designs that go perfectly together!

Available individually or as a set!!

Get to know Chris RWK’s Robot a little more!

Check out this quick interview with ChriRWK about the evolution of the robot!

What’s the significance of the robot, and has its meaning changed since you first started to draw it?

I’m not sure the meaning has changed but I think it’s just expanded. The more people interact with the robot, or me about the robot, it helps me just as much as it helps them. Hearing people’s take on “robots will kill” and their meaning is always thought-provoking. I think as people who grew up with the robot, their meaning has changed. Especially for some who started collecting art because of it, or got into street art and now they’re introducing their kids into it.

How has your art been influenced/changed since the pandemic?

Not sure if it was the pandemic or was losing so many family and friends in the last 5 years that’s made me really think about not being able to create one day. Jos-L just said to me today “You’re everywhere!” –  I said I gotta be because one day I’ll be nowhere… I think that’s been a huge driving force for me these days

The robot often holds a sign or an object, are those personal messages, or do you draw inspiration from what’s happening to you on that particular day?

Kinda all of it! Stuff I feel, see, hear, think, etc. That’s one thing that’s crazy in life – Right now I could feel a certain way, then I see something that reminds me of something, and it completely changes my feelings. Holding stuff like the cat, it’s the robot trying to associate with life. Feel like he fits in.

Why do you think the robot resonated with people and has spanned the years so successfully?

That’s not a question for me to answer to be honest. That’s something a viewer or onlooker should be asked. I just love drawing, and painting the robot still well over 20 years later.

What’s your strongest memory of the Robot Character?

I have a few. Anytime I’m painting outside and someone stops and talks to me about it. It’s always amazing to hear people’s take on it, or why they connect with it. It’s also great when a little kid sees it and says “Robot”. I’m always humbled by that because they can see what it is right away.

The robot has helped me get through a lot of rough times. Especially the last 5 years.

If Robots will Kill, what’s your take on AI? 

Well, I’ve been warning people for over 20yrs!

Huge thank you to Chris RWK for trusting us with this project and letting us play a role in the history of the Robot!


About Chris RWK:

Chris RWK is an American artist who was born in 1977 and raised in New York City. Much of his work is grounded in the ideas and imagery he was exposed to as a child in the 70s and 80s, including through television, comic books, films and music. And of course, robots. His colorful, engaging paintings frequently reference popular culture and reveal everyday musings to his audience, which often invoke feelings of comfort and familiarity.

In 2001, Chris RWK set up Robots Will Kill, an online platform, dedicated to community and exposure for artists often disregarded by the mainstream art world.


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