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Kidrobot x American Gross  RADIOACTIVE DEATH DUNNY!

Announcing a brand new collaboration with Kidrobot, on the infamous Dunny platform!

You may recall the amazingly popular OCTODUNNY series between American Gross and Kidrobot, produced by Clutter Studios. Well, now he’s back with a new take on an old theme – death itself…

This grim and gnarled Radioactive Death 8” GID Dunny is a limited-edition crossover with American Gross (aka New York artist Josh Kimberg).

A sinister creation cast in gossamer neon pink and pearlescent blue resin that is not only spectacular in the day, but is a glow-in-the-dark beast. Its sickly radioactive glow lays waste to those brave or foolish enough to approach it.

The Radioactive Death Dunny is an 8″ GID Resin Art Figure that is limited to just 66 pieces worldwide.

Priced at $400

Sales begin Friday, 5/20 @12pm EST,
Available exclusively at Kidrobot!

Produced by Clutter Studios in Beacon NY!

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