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Clutter Gallery October: Ratokim’s Game Room!

Opening Reception – Saturday, October 15th, 6pm

Get your gaming thumbs ready as you enter RatoKim’s Game Room!

Clutter Gallery is proud to present a group custom show of RatoKim’s Game Boy Boxcat (GBB); bringing the retro gaming system to 2022!

🕹️GBB custom Playlist:
@aliens.park , @kongandri , @burningmon , @deardora_toy_ , lm @duckhead, @blackrabbit_t.iwa, @flcorn.j, @hatsutorin_design, @__2oz__, @bakkuns, @candiebolton, @yoolmucha_,  @sneeze_bug, @ngaew.ngaew, @mupatoy, @inohaco, @toinz_ceramic, @delitoys, @horrible_adorables, @superdeux

The opening reception will be free to the public and take place on Oct 15th, 2022, from 6-9 pm. The works will remain on display until Nov 4th, 2022.

Sales will be offered first to our Preview list subscribers.

To sign up for the list please follow this link:
An email will be sent out at 12pm (noon) EST, with a link to preview, Sales begin at 2pm EST.

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