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Bog Dweller Vinyl – First Release – Frog Breath Green Glow Edition!

Clutter is excited to have partnered with the legendary BOGxSQUAD to bring you the very first BOG DWELLER VINYL FIGURE! 

Produced in soft vinyl, with trademark dagger and mace, this exciting release is going to be the Emperor of your BogxSquad collection!

Based on the highly sought-after hand-made resin figure by BOGxSQUAD, this monumental vinyl version stands at 6.5″ tall, and is produced in GLOW-IN-THE-DARK, oh my!

Priced at $150, produced by Clutter.

Available March 25th, 12 noon (EST) on

* Please note this is a pre-order item and is due to ship July 2022.
Limit to two per customer *

The Pre-order window will be open until Tue, March 29th at 5pm

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