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Artist Spotlights; 5″ Dunny Micro Custom Releases! Mus Musculus

We are proud to present 6, one-off 5″ dunny customs by Mus Musculus!

Clutter is proud to bring you a new series of artist spotlights, with limited micro-run releases of 5″ custom Dunnys.

Throughout the year, Clutter is working with top toy customizer talent to bring you monthly drops, each including 6 custom 5″ Dunnys. Including artists such as One-Eyed Girl, Beanie Bat, Mus Musculus, Czee13, Vanessa Ramirez, Frank Montano, Cat Atomic, Sadsalesman, and more! 

For September’s release, we bring you…
Mus Musculus!

Bringing his monstrous style and bold lines, Mus Musculus has created 6 individual dunny that stand out both as a set, and individually. 

Dropping on Thurs, Sept 30th, 2021, at 12 pm (EST) be sure to get in quickly, first-come, first-served.

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