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Liquid Phone Booths, Melted Thumbtacks Zimot Solo Show

On display: Feb 10th, – March 1st, 2024!

In the truest tradition of lowbrow artists Zimot creates an endless stream of art inspired from his internal musings. His work leaps forth from him with an obsessive fervor that is indicative of madness and ambition.

Hailing from Binghamton, NY @zimotco is a master at creating unique handmade art, statuary, absurdities.

“Liquid Phone Booths Melted Thumbtacks” is Zimot’s first sculpture based solo show – showcasing over 50 new pieces of art, including his first ever soft vinyl toy! The sheer quantity and uniqueness of Zimot’s pieces is something you need to see in person with your own eyes!

Zimot owns and operates Robot City Games and Arcade in Binghamton, NY the biggest and best arcade in New York State! That is also where he creates his vibrant and majestical pieces of traditionally cast resin and 3D printed resin artwork, which has now actually taken over as his day job thanks to his amazing staff and super supportive wife!

His influences include novelty items and toys from the 1930’s – 1980’s, mostly blowmolds, carnival chalk, neon mod banks, monster toys, cheap injection molded throw away toys, mid century decor and knickknacks etc, which shines through his work amazingly.

Gallery Display and Opening reception images:

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