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Glow Show V

On display: Feb 10th, – March 1st, 2024

Clutter Gallery Presents: The Glow Show V

It’s back baby.. the 5th Installment of one of our most loved and brightest shows… the Glow Show!!

Clutter Gallery is completely Blacklit, so for this show, it is required that all pieces Glow-in-the-dark!

Light. The source of the universe. The hazy image of that perfect day. The perfect inner glow that scratches an itch as deep as time itself. We bring you GID, The Glow Show that makes all other shows pale in comparison. Literally. No bio-luminescent creature left behind.

Gallery Display and Opening reception images:

Artist include 

Bakkun // Bleeding Edges // Czee13 // EPOCH // Fat Dad Toys // Frank Mysterio // Grizlli Atom // Grizzly Workshop // Grumble Toy // Jay222 // Kayotoyco // Leecifer // Magitarius // Mark Nagata // Max Nagata // Motley Miscreations // Mr. Mento // Mummy Brain Studio // RATO KIM // Rick Sans // Secret Demon Services // Seed Arts // SergAndDestroy // Toys Religion // Uhhsure Monsters & More.

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