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What the Flock!

Opening Reception Saturday Jan 27th, 5pm – 9pm

Many birds fly south for the winter, but not these birds! They’ll be flying north to Clutter Gallery in Beacon, NY for “What the Flock”, a group show for birds!

Co-Curated by Evan Martinez

We have hand-plucked 30+ fine feathered friends for an eggstravaganza event.


5thturtle ● American Gross ● Birdmilk ● Bleeding Edges ● Break Bones ● Creon ● Diana Teeter ● DTC Studios ● ELM ● Hot Actor ● JEO ● Kyle Kirwan ● Motely Miscreations ● Mr Mento ● Mythic ●  Napper_silentscream ● NerdBoyWorks ● Pasa ● Pei Lam ● Pixeldump ● Revised D ● Sad Salesman ● Sunny Tam ● Tanivitz ● The Bots ● Under Our Knives ● Zero Productivity ● and more!

Opening reception will be free to the public from 5-9pm on January 27th, 2024!

Proudly sponsored by our friends at @industrialartsbrewing and  @urban.artifact !