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Clutter Gallery is proud to present: TNT Plastic “The Gathering”.

Oct 14th – Nov 3rd, 2023

TNT Plastic’s first-ever solo show!!

A solo show of one-off and limited edition resin art – the Snalien, Ectopod, and Easter Island Bunny, Double-casts, Micro-Casts, Tie-Dye blend, glow, one-offs, and a few surprises.

Doors will open at 5pm, attendees will get the first chance to buy, and 25 will receive a very special gift!

@tntplastic (Founded in 2019) is made up of the artistic duo Tommy Logtens (Iron Doc Sampson) and Trevor Krainik (Xybot), both based in Northern Virginia, just outside of Washington, DC.

Known for their simple but iconic resin sculpts, and top-notch production, the universe brought them together with their mutual love of designer toys and resin art! They bring designs that are highly sought after and often sell out.

Logtens started slinging resin and creating bootleg creations but had a deep desire to create original characters. Krainik had a passion for sculpting and creating, so together their first creation, Milton, a hybrid stabler / dinosaur was born!

This solo show will mark the debut of the 5″ resin version of the Snalien Figure! One to surely be quickly snapped up by collectors!

Also premiering, a brand new character, Chum! – a sleek mako shark inspired by the constructivist art style.

Not only that, this show it will act as a retirement party for the original Milton figure.

There will also be an exclusive 6” orange glow vinyl Snalien (by @milehighsofubi ) available as a cash-and-carry (aka take-home opening night) item.

Do not miss out!

Sales for all shows will first be offered to in-person attendees.