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Clutter Gallery is proud to present “The Feelings Mutual” an I’m In My Feelings Solo Show – Opening May 11, 2024!

Welcome to your feelings! During the pandemic, Tony (@tranimated), a Pennsylvania-based independent artist, became overwhelmed with anxiety and emotions. Through trying to express his often conflicting, dark, and depressing thoughts, he found himself drawn (figuratively and literally) to these characters, the heart, and the brain, that could help him express and articulate his thoughts. One character encompasses logic, and the other his emotions. The process allowed him to accept and fully embrace his feelings, which gave birth to @iminmyfeeling.

I’m in my feelings aim is to promote awareness of one’s mental health and to connect with others through colorful illustrations of characters embodying a wide range of emotions. You are not alone in experiencing your emotions. Tony believes that through awareness, acceptance, and accountability, we can normalize the stigma surrounding mental health.

Like Tony’s brand, his solo show “The Feelings Mutual” aims to shine a spotlight on mental health through his delightfully cute and colorful original sculptures and prints.

This exhibition represents a significant milestone for Tony, as it’s his very first solo show. It’s a mix of his deepest emotions and aspirations as an artist. Over the past several months, he’s poured his heart and soul into creating over 15 original pieces, each capturing a unique mood or expression. Tony is thrilled to share this collection, titled “The Feelings Mutual,” and I hope it resonates with you!

Doors open at 5 PM EST. Sponsored by our friends at @industrialartsbrewing and @urban.artifact! Make sure to attend the opening in Beacon, NY, To meet the man behind the feelings, because Tony will be in attendance for the beginning part of the opening!

An email will be sent at noon EST, with a link to preview.

All pieces made for this exhibition will be available for sale in our physical location in downtown Beacon, NY, and on our website.

To sign up for the preview list please click the link in our bio.

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