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Nov 14th – Dec 4th, 2020

Clutter Gallery is proud to present Japanese toy master Kik.Kake Toys’ first USA solo exhibition! We are honored to have this wildly creative designer present his first solo show here at the Clutter Gallery. Kik.kake has been making toys since 2011, and has captivated our imaginations with his visions of monkeys, clowns, aliens, and blow-up dolls.

His willingness to push boundaries, to cross-pollinate his own ideas into wild new forms, and do it all with a transgressive attitude that is both as loose as a Childs drawing and as tight as a latex bodysuit, makes him one of the best designer toy artists working today.

Here is his artist statement about the show; “Unfortunately, we now need masks to live. However, masks have long been needed in TOY design. This is because the TOY needs to be covered for a while in order to be beautifully reborn into various shapes. These humorous toys have changed into new appearances after a period of time covered by masks. I would like to share this stuffy time and enjoy new our changes too.”