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Clutter Gallery Presents the 12th annual installment of the acclaimed annual [IN] Action Figure exhibition – Opening May 11th, 2024!

Elevating the art of action figures/bootlegs to its rightful place as a primal and direct art form.  The act of bootlegging gives the artist’s voice a pure channel to the viewer, unedited and with an honesty impossible to mimic in other art toy formats.

Pieces are always unique but often a throwback to OG licenses such as; Star Wars, G.I. Joe, M.U.S.C.L.E., He-Man/Masters of the Universe, Mad Balls, and more!

Join us on May 11th, at Clutter Gallery in Beacon, NY, as we unleash the nostalgia, and new.

Artists Include:
Acquired Taste Industries • Aloudspacelab • Angry Beast • Awesome Figures • Barely Human • Barretticus • Ben Gore // Blue Monday Press • Bombermat Toys • Buzzard Guts – Dead & Bloated Toys • D.A.Marx • Carolina Cool Cat • Chewsplastik • Danny Wicked • Disgustin Justin Art & Toys • DLL Customs • Dollar $lice Bootlegs • EPOCH • EPSW • Erik Jacobus • Figure Fettish • Fresh Toast • General Porpoise • Grayskull • Green Plastic Tunnels • Hands Of Doom • Junk Fed • King Spider Toys • Kjelshus Collins • Lab Monkey Number 9 • Lisa Rae Hansen • Monsta Toys • Nama Niku • Nekosatsu Toys • P_E_N_D_R_A_G_O_N • Pablo Perra • Panda Propaganda Toys • Randomskullproductions • Remakes Plethora • Ressinblood • Ron Reeves • Scraped Resin • Seth Relentless • Sir Collect-A-Lot • Skipbro Toys • Slinnjoe • Snapp Fink Toys • SUCKADELIC • The Katerpillar • The Mark Ultra • TONE TANK • Toxic Fumes Toys • Toyzahholiks • Triclops • Vintage Spooky Company • Whistling Pony Toys • Yoyodyne Toy Division & More!

Doors open at 5 PM EST. Sponsored by our friends at @industrialartsbrewing and @urban.artifact! This show always draws in a lot of participating artists. Don’t miss the opening in Beacon, NY, you never know who may attend!

An email will be sent at noon EST, with a link to preview.

All pieces made for this exhibition will be available for sale in our physical location in downtown Beacon, NY, and on our website.

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