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Sept 11 – Oct 1st, 2021

Bringing together four legendary artists to create on the same blank canvas, the Brickbot, designed by Kyle Kirwan x Czee 13!

For this once-in-a-lifetime show, we have assembled a crew of old and new school street artists, Crash One, Al Diaz AKA Samo, Chris RWK, and the creator of the Canbot platform, Czee13, to work on 5” Brickbot’s and the never before released giant 15” Brickbot vinyl toy!

The Canbot platform is by design a platform of the streets, intended for multiple artists working side by side to influence one another and inspire new forms and new ideas.

With Drips and Fades, the designer toy genre is elevated to even greater heights with street art happening directly on a vinyl platform expressly meant to honor street art! Don’t miss this landmark show!