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Clutter Gallery. Beacon | NY

Air Dondi Vinyl First Release Blank Edition!

In honor of the legendary and iconic Graffiti artist Dondi White, Clutter is excited to be bringing you theAIR DONDI BLANK VINYL EDITION. Produced in ALL WHITE vinyl to pay tribute to the MAN, not just the ART, this release can be left in its purest form, or tagged up by you and your favorite artists.  This […]

Gift Wrapped 2021!

To celebrate the 9th installment of the annual winter spectacular, Gift Wrapped, Clutter has gathered over 120 amazing artists from all over the globe to bring you affordable art just in time for the holidays!! Gift Wrapped is a special holiday season (not holiday-themed) art exhibition designed to encourage people to buy unique, hand-made, artist-driven gifts for […]

It Will Be Ok! Seed Arts Solo Show!

Clutter Gallery is proud to present an amazing solo show by Seed Arts! Crafting a name for herself in the resin toy world, Aimme Cummings, aka Seed Arts, is a NY-based artist. Best known for her dream-like resin creations, these ethereal art toys are as if they were created with a touch of magic. Seed […]


Thirty-Three! RunDMB

RunDMB, aka, David Bishop Solo Show!! David Bishop, AKA RunDMB, is a UK-based illustrator, and designer. His iconic style comes from his love of Posca pens and his amazing talent at finding and enhancing a toys true form Known the world over as a crusher of custom toys, his work is both clean and energetic, and […]



Clutter Gallery is proud to present BOGXSQUAD! From the darkest depths of the Bog comes the demonic duo… the BogXSquad! Know for their original devilish figures like the Bog Dweller and the Hell Doors, these accursed artists’ hand-made resin works are highly sought after and near impossible to find! Terrorizing Clutter with their first-ever solo […]

Lab Monkeys solo show

Welcome to Chado!
Labmonkeys Solo Show!!

Nov 13th – Dec 3rd, 2021 Join us in welcoming Lee Aller, aka Lab Monkeys, for his premier solo show at Clutter Gallery. Hailing from Cebu, Philippines, Aller started in 2010 by customizing 6” articulated figures for clients such as Nicholas Cage, Rob Leifield, Bob Mcleod, Brook, and Robin Lopez. Releasing his first figure under […]

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